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If your company is asking the question, “how can we afford a billing service?” RCX Billing Solutions will ask you the question, “how can you not?”

Today, incorrect billing practices can lead to shrinking profits and increased bad debt. RCX Billing Solutions demonstrates superior collection knowledge and immediate follow through. We partner with our clients to eliminate audit adjustments due to non-compliance.

RCX Billing Solutions provides financial services that maximize our clients’ cash flow. We effectively manage information and identify opportunities in an environment that is constantly experiencing decreasing Medicare & Medicaid reimbursement and escalating costs of care. Once we identify these opportunities, we create and plan out solid solutions and proven practices to maintain a continued stream of cash flow in the dynamic world of healthcare.

Ask yourself the following in regards to compliance and regulations:

1) Are you worried about your home’s preparedness for MyCare Ohio?
- RCX Billing Solutions is working hand-in-hand with the 5 Plans and OHCA, to ensure claims payment and to understand each plan’s requirements for this demonstration program. RCX Billing Solutions works with Providers to ensure they are prepared for this changing environment.

2) Worried about regulatory and procedural compliance and if reimbursement dollars would be taken away under a RAC audit, PROBE audit, or third party medical review?
- RCX Billing Solutions works with Providers to maximize compliance through proven processes and a system of internal controls.

3) Has your home admitted a resident without prior authorizations, or knowledge of coverage which resulted in less than expected reimbursement or a bad debt?
- RCX Billing Solutions provides on-going support and education in understanding the tools available for a complete and thorough admission documentation process that ensures appropriate reimbursement and claims payment.

4) Have you had a Medicaid Pending on your receivables for months and months and have not been able to get a clear answer on the balance due?
- The Billing Specialists at RCX Billing Solutions work hand-in-hand with your facility liaison in quickly identifying problem areas and educating the facilities on how to properly work through the Medicaid Program to identify who qualifies and who does not.

5) Are you carrying a receivable balance three and four times the amount of your monthly revenues?
- RCX Billing Solutions works with decision makers in appropriately structuring a plan of action and a system of processes that with facility implementation will reduce the number of days revenue in accounts receivable to 45 or 1.5 x monthly revenues.

6) Are you having difficulty overseeing your billing staff and measuring their job performance?
-RCX Billing Solutions eliminates billing staff over site and performance is measured by paid claims.

If you answered "yes" to any of the above, then your company cannot afford to operate without RCX Billing Solutions.

Did You Know?

"Did you know that just 0 days of increased days revenue outstanding costs the average Ohio nursing facility an extra $400,000 in monthly carrying costs. Let RCX Billing Solutions bring your days revenue outstanding below industry average of 45 days."

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